Storm Ciara to bring severe gales to UK

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Storm Ciara to bring severe gales to UK

Weather warnings have been issued across the UK for the weekend, with Storm Ciara expected to bring strong winds and heavy rain.

A yellow warning for wind covers Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern England and north Wales on Saturday.

It then expands to include the whole country on Sunday, while there is an amber warning for England and Wales.

Forecasters have warned there could be travel disruption, with rail passengers being urged not to travel on Sunday.

Several rail firms announced they would operate reduced timetables with speed restrictions being imposed.

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  • Severe disruption likely on rail in Wales
  • Four days of disruption forecast for Scotland

The Met Office's Frank Saunders said winds would increase during Saturday across Northern Ireland, Scotland, northern England and Wales before turning very windy across the rest of the UK through the early hours of Sunday morning.

He said gusts of 50-60mph were expected quite widely across inland areas, with gusts of 80mph or higher in coastal areas, especially south-east England and northern Scotland.

The Met Office's yellow weather warning for wind - meaning travel disruption is likely - is in place from midday on Saturday.

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